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Frequently Asked Questions / 常见问题与解答

Question 1.   Do you ship overseas?
Answer.   Yes, countries that we ship most are Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Taiwan, USA, UK, Indonesia and others. Regarding to the shipping costs, options or transit time, please refer to Estimated Shipping Cost.
问题1.   请问你有没有寄往海外
回答.   有的,我们经常邮寄到其他的国家如新家坡,香港,澳门,中国,台湾,美国,英国,印尼等国家。关于邮寄费,选择和过境时间,请参考邮寄费估计



Question 2.   What payment methods do you accept?
Answer.   For local customer (Malaysia), we accept Online Banking funds transfer or ATM cash deposit. For oversea customers, we accept Paypal or Telex Transfer.
问题2.   请问你接受哪些付款方式
回答.   本地的顾客(马来西亚),我们接受银行线上金额转账或ATM机现金存款。海外的顾客,我们接受贝宝Paypal电汇



Question 3.   I am outside Malaysia (Neighboring Country), how can I make the payment to you without bearing any extra costs like exchange rates and charges from the bank? Will the procedure be complicated?
Answer.   Other than Telex-transfer, we also accept payment via Paypal (International platform account). It is not complicated for registering a Paypal International Platform account, kindly visit https://www.paypal.com for details. Whenever you have dual currency card/credit card/visa/mastercard/AMEX/JCB/Discover, you could easily register a Paypal International platform account and make the payment to us.
问题3.   我在马来西亚境外(邻国),我要如何向你付款以及能避免多付额外费用如兑换率和银行的收费?程序复杂吗?
回答.   除了电汇以外,我们也接受贝宝Paypal(国际平台账号)付款。办贝宝国际平台账号并不复杂,请查询 https://www.paypal.com 。如果您有以下银行的双币信用卡/信用卡/visa/mastercard/AMEX/JCB/Discover。无论何时您都能很方便和很容易地注册贝宝国际平台账号向我们付款。



Question 4.   Where are those vinyl records that you're selling online supply from?
Answer.   We have operated a records store at some time in the past, from year 1974 to year 1999. Today, we still keep those vinyl records and decided to sell them online.
问题4.   请问你网店所卖的yabobet唱片是从哪里供应的?
回答.   我们曾经在1974年至1999年经营一间唱片专卖店。如今,我们还保留着这些yabobet唱片并决定在网上出售。



Question 5.   Do you have physical shop? I would like to drop by and browse those records or purchase at your shop and what is the address of your shop?
Answer.   We do not have physical shop, RecordStreet.com.my is an online store. We are working out of our private warehouse. On the other hand, browsing large batch of records 1 by 1 is very time-consuming, tired and sweat a lot, so let us do it for you. You could sit back and relax browsing them infront of your PC or device which you can save a lot of time and energy. Our item descriptions and pictures are honest, accurate and provide you clear idea of what you are purchasing. If you have any questions regarding to our items, we are very grateful to assist and reply you in time. 
问题5.   请问你有店吗?我想到那里看或购买唱片,是否给我你店的地址?
回答.   本网站没有实体的店,RecordStreet.com.my 是一个网店。我们只在自己的私人仓库运作。另一方面,翻阅以及寻找批量唱片是一件很费时间,力气和汗流浃背的事。这些事就让我们为您服务吧,一来您可以轻松地在您的电脑设备前游览和翻阅唱片,二来您可省时又省力。我们的货物描述和图片是真诚的,准确的,可清楚地让您知道您所购买货物的是什么。如果您有任何问题关于我们的货物,我们非常乐意协助,并及时答复您。



Question 6.   I'm not able to differenciate whether those vinyl records are good or bad by viewing those pictures provided. What if I purchased a bad vinyl record?
Answer.   You can email us and ask about the vinyl record's current condition that you wanted to purchase. By default, whenever you placed an order, we do not request you to make payment immediately. What we have to do is to inspect the vinyl record first. Testing it to ensure it is not skipping, then classify its album cover and record by using our grading standard. Whether it is M(MINT), NM(NEAR MINT), E(EXCELLENT), VG+(VERY GOOD PLUS), VG(VERY GOOD), G(GOOD) or F(FAIR). After all, we will email you the condition and grading of it. If you are happy and satisfy with it, you can proceed to make payment.
For details, please refer to LP / EP and Album Cover Grades: https://recordstreet.com.my/grades
问题6.   我无法利用本站提供的照片确定yabobet唱片是否是好的。如果万一我买到坏的yabobet唱片怎么办?
回答.   您可发送我们电子邮件,询问关于您想购买的yabobet唱片目前的状态。在默认的情况下,每当您下了订单后,我们都不要求您先付款。我们会先检查yabobet唱片,测试与确定它不会跳针。然后使用本店的等级标准制度把唱片和封套进行级别分类。等级如M(MINT), NM(NEAR MINT), E(EXCELLENT), VG+(VERY GOOD PLUS), VG(VERY GOOD), G(GOOD)或者F(FAIR)。过后我们会发送电子邮件给您让您过目yabobet唱片的状态或等级。如果您感到满意,您便可进行付款。



Question 7.   Why there are some records in your online store are same but those prices are different?
Answer.   Price may be based on record's quality. Lower quality record is surely cheaper than higher quality record.
问题7.   为什么你的网店里有一些相同的唱片,价格却不相同?
回答.   有些唱片的价格是由品质而定。品质较低的唱片当然会比品质较好的唱片便宜。



Question 8.   My question is not listed here.
Answer.   We always welcome you to contact us with your questions, we will reply you ASAP.
问题8.   我的问题没有列在这里。
回答.   我们随时欢迎您与我们联系询问您的疑问,我们会尽快地回复您。